FIFA 19 Career Mode: Which club have you chosen to manage & why?

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Discussion Title says it all. Which club have you chosen to manage & why?

I'll start. At first, I chose to manage FC Dynamo Kyiv. I was excited when I heard the news that they'd be in FIFA 19, and for a while now, I wanted to manage this team. After a few days (Alright, a few weeks = 2 Max.), I decided that it would be a difficult task to manage a club of this calibre. I chose to put the club in the Polish league (with 16 other UEFA ROTW clubs + 2 Polish clubs) to create a tricky league. It would be very difficult to manage the club in the league and the UEFA club competitons.

My second choice would be Olympique de Marseille. I watch Ligue 1, and I try to regularly watch Marseille matches. I've become a fan of them (or a secondary fan), and enjoy watching them in the league and Europe. I want to win the UEFA Champions League, and bring OM back to the glory days. (+ I love the new ligue 1 broadcast package)

As said, which club have you chosen to manage and why?


  • MrMack08
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    I'll prob start with Fulham, because they are new in the prem and they got Sessegnon. First transferwindow I will sign a young CDM from the mls, which I signed every time I started a new career.

    After I get all the trophies I will go with my club Chelsea and play the dream midfield in Jorginho, Kovacic & Kante to get them back in the Champions League
  • Edward220967
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    PSV cause I support them and they have a pretty young team
  • mdizzl3
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  • none, I'll be waiting for FIFA 20 or ill buy PES for cheap, because the career mode seems more legit
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