How bad (or good) I am in playing FF18

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I am new to FF series, starting FF18 in December 2017 and then playing near 3.000 matches (yes, three thousands) since I like it very much.

I just won DKT twice (seemed very lucky to win) and then had 14 wins out of 40 WL matches. And in SB I have been E2 all the time (with Legendary level).

I have been consistently in div 3 and div 4 online seasons, with some promotions to div 2 but never stayed. Recently I have been up and down in div 3 & div 4, finding that always easy to win div 4 but had lot of difficulties to stay in div 3.

I wonder how bad (or good) I am in playing FF18, please advise? I am terrible in defence and passing, in the other hand I had a lot of chances (especially 1 vs 1) in near every match but just couldn’t score, so eventually I always lost.


  • Paulopudasso
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    Not bad
  • Adrew
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    I have changed to 41212(2) with more defence focus, now consistently in div 2 for more than 5 seasons, missing several chances to div 1 only by 1-point. Wonder if better players are leaving Fifa 18 or I have improved a bit?
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