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Greetings Pro Clubs community,

We are happy to announce that after working for a year, we introduce you Pro Clubs Zone (PRZ), a companion app that offers genuine real-life football experience for Pro Clubs and we invite teams to join very first season.

PRZ has a completely automated world, meaning all leagues, divisions, promotion/relegation, fixtures etc. are generated automatically.

Even inactive teams are replaced automatically!

And of course, we have smart transfer system and really easy-to-use match and stats submission flow.

And that’s just a tip of an iceberg. We really have plenty of features already implemented in the app and even more, features to come on the next releases.

Learn more on our website:


Join Facebook Group and follow us on social media to:
  • Be first to download our mobile app
  • Sign up for PPZ very first season
  • Give your feedback directly to PRZ team

PRZ Team
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