The what i want in future CMs thread

To start off with: I have thoroughly enjoyed playing FIFA 17/18 both Career mode and FUT, since the new Frostbite engine has really lifted the realism of the Gameplay and -faces. In Addition, i´m convinced there will be a Season three of the journey, which definetely is a nice feature to spend the first month of FIFA 19. However, I and a lot of other Long term fans of FIFA have to ask for improvements for casual Players, instead of only relying on FUT, where a "standard" 1 Million coins Team gets bashed by full Special Cards/ Icon Squad, a reboot of Career mode and its Features would be widely appreciated, as FIFA 18 has already taken a step into the Right direction as for my opinion.

First off, please implement old Features such as demanding a higher Transfer Budget, upgrading your staff( such as scouts) for cash instead of having to wait 2 years until a 5* 5* scout appears, and of Course the ability of a buy clause at the end of loan. Additionally, there´s a feature a lot of Career mode Players have been desperately waiting for that i´d wish to be added to the game: changing Player positions; not only can it be rather realistic to Change a Players´position when it is conceived as a better fit to have a 170 cm tall, pacey Player with good Dribbling and crosses to Play as a winger instead of as a cm for example, it can also be bond to a Change in a Players´ potential when he overperforms for a longer period on a new Position, which his stats are Fitting for. This feature is especially useful for simulated Career modes, as having 5 promising CAMs of which 3 never Play because the 50 rated winger gets the Play time on his usual Position. In Order to avoid the same prolific Transfers being made in every Career mode, other Methods to possibly influence a Players´ potential might also be important to implement in order to maintain the fun and the diversity of the oldest and most played offline gamemode. These Methods might include Goals to conclude in order to improve skill moves and weak foot, current form, mood and playtime affecting a fluctuating potential of Players below the age of 25 and so on. Another feature to be missed ( possibly only in Player Career mode, which is missing Depth, or as an Option in the pre-career Setting) is the old ability to influence your Players and staffs morale through interviews and Actions as found in fifa 08. Obviously Bugs to be fixed such as Manager Ratings, Players which are "too important to be sold" , and one week later transferring to any club but your own, the weird Transfer policies of Clubs which most likely arise from the board expectations which sometimes demand to sign an important midfielder for 4 Seasons in a row or to sign 15 youth Players in 3 Seasons combined (and give them playtime, of Course).
I´m sure there´s way more to be found which could be added instead of working on slight Gameplay improvements or realsitic faces and atmosphere at an exhausting rate (and if not, then what is even being worked on?) .

Additions or improvements to fifa which would enhance the fun in my opinion is to first off improve the drop rate of good Cards in packs. As i don´t know the numbers, i can only speak from own experience, but i feel like rare Players of 84 and above have a much lower rate than Players below that, which is hilarious. Considering theres plenty of rare Gold Players rated 80-84, the Chance of getting those instead of someone above would be immense even at an equal, or even higher rate for the craved Superstars. In my opinion it should be based more on packs, whcih Team you´re able to build, it should demand strategic and well thought tactics and Team Building qualities to build a Squad around the Players you pack instead of going on a Transfer market and buying martial, mertens and some Icons. ( yes i believe Transfer market should be deleted or switched to a Player for Player based trade System). This opinion Comes from the sheer fact that a lot of pro Players, youtubers and simply those who invest tons of time and Money have equal or very similar Teams and have wasted tons of Money on the game (also through "illegal" Websites, so that feature might be in EA´s favor), yet those who spend like 200 euros, below or even Nothing will be very unlikely to have the Benefits of Incredible Players in their Teams and barely packing anything decent, making that feature unsatisfying and fun killing for the majority of the community. Ultimately a game should be About playing, improving and having fun, why a reward System through packs would be welcomed. Imagine packing a good, enjoyable Player, playing with him for months before wanting to try a new one. You´ll eliminate coins in most of the cases, and thereby the Transfer market fee which is ridiculous in itself considering it restricts our ability to switch around our Squads and try out new tactics once in a while. This is why i feel you should be able to trade Players directly for another good Player of equal caliber,make higher discard Prices when Transfer market is deleted(so you don´t need to discard 7 packs for one new pack) and implement the possibility to discard a Player into instant packs or crafting for example 3 82-rated Players into one 85-rated Player and so on. Obviously there´s room for discussion and opinions here but i believe it would make the game way more diverse, fun and rewarding for a huge amount of the community.

Another Topic that has been swirling around my mind for a long time now is FIFA Generations (official title yet to choose). What i mean by that is an addition like an alternative Career mode, worst case kick-off with later Upgrades to a Career opportunity , in which you have the Option to Play for example with the Dortmund of 2012/13, the Barca of 2007-2011, the ManU of 2004-2008 the Ac Milan of early 2000´s and so on. The reason for this is, that i have often wanted to choose such Teams, however it is not enjoyable and especially for fifa 13 not possible to Play the old fifas for that reasoning, but much rather would i have the modern playstyle and engine, i wouldn´t care About how well made the faces were, i´d just love that feature or game Special (since fifa 1994 was technically the first FIFA game, somewhere around next year would be a good time to release something like that as a 25-years anniversary. From there on, it could just be readded into the new games without any changes to be made, as i highly doubt Henry will change the club that he had in 2005.

I hope you read this all despite the lenght,have opinions to share and improvements to be made for the next 5 FIFAs, which EA will hopefully listen to if a lot of Players unite and settle for some ideas, that can be discussed below


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    One of the main ones you've mentioned well main for me is adjusting positions for example I have a 6ft6 youth Russian RB and doesn't have CB as an alternative position. I really would wanna be playing someone that size in the centre of my defence on out on the right.

    I also kinda like idea of classic teams as maybe unlockable for kick off or even online, link in with the teams we get classic kits of, could be a hard one to do but like the idea of it
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