AI in FIFA 19

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Will it be like before? All teams playing same style, ticki tacka? Will we see differencez in 19 given the increase in depth for custom tactics? Will it be different playing against Barca versus Man United for example. Who tried Beta or EA please let us know.

Thx Yasir


  • Paquetesousa
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    Unfortunately, i feel that's the way to go... Inscrease AI abilities, in order to reduce skill Gap and keep as many interested As long as possible... Konami is doing it too... Pés 2019 is just like FIFA 18: Park the bus, three men always forward, bomb through balls until eventually One GOES through. And the defending aspect of it hás been nerfed as well: just apply high pressure through 90 min without running out of stamina... I believe these companies just found a winning fórmula and they are sticking with it... Doesn't matter of we like or not, money is the only goal.
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