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    Okej bro thanks im 24 Years old so i not kid but do i get more better packs IF i take the standard edition @MrMack08

    grind the game, it's more rewarding then paying for it

    What if he is married,work like 50 hours and has kids??? Not everyone has lots of time to spend on the game and just because you don't spend doesn't mean you don't lose anything. Time is also money

    There is a f-ing app on mobile and pc, you can spend 5 minutes on it when you're doing nothing at work. If you work for your money then you do what you want but giving EA money is like paying for burger and the guy that made it spat on it and whiped his **** with it

    Don't be naive. Especially at the start of game with no coins or fifapoints, it would take a whole day before you get 40,000 coins profit. I doubt you would even make 40k on first day because if you are flipping gold cards for 300-400 coins per player and you don't have like 500,000 to mass bid. You probably gonna snipe a few cards, list them and wait for them to be sold then rinse and repeat the whole process again.
    I trade myself but to someone spending all that time for 40,000 isn't worth it and would rather spend 25 dollars opening packs and might make even more than that if lucky.

    Don't pretend trading is a 5 minute things else no one will buy fifapoints or coins. Trading eat away a lot of time, don't we already have to play 40 games a week, divison rivals and squad battles too. That's too much time spent on a video game. To someone they just don't have that time.

    You don't have to play that many games, there are other ways to make coins but hey you do you go suck some eadick

    Am not saying you have to play games for coins. The weekend league will take at least 10 hours if you play all games to some that is already too much time to spend on a game per week and how can somebody like that trade like you when he barely has time to even play the game. Common sense everyone is different.

    Who the hell plays wl, that thing is rigged asf
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    @MrMack08 @Boommaametw3 Why do you take this thread so seriously guys.. troll or be trolled :trollface:
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    'Sup folks. I know we're just trying to have some fun with the "I'll send you a redesigned version fo the game" but let's please stop that now as sometimes the humor may not come through and may be taken seriously for a litany of reasons. :smile:
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    What do you men @EA_Cian
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    @C94_ I won't send you a redesigned version 'fo' the game
    @EA_Cian just doing my bit
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