Need help with passing in the final third

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In online gameplay whenever i pass the ball to an attacker in the opponents defensive third; if its a long ball my player keeps standing in his position like a statue while the opponents defender runs past my attacker towards the ball and takes the ball, and if its a short pass like 15-20 yards as soon as my player faces the opposition goal defender of my opponent immediately gets into my player's face much like a cheetah moving towards his prey, and steals the ball.
Problem is when its the other way around that is when im defending and my opponent is attacking and when he gets the ball in my defensive third; if its a long ball again his player reacts and moves toward the ball while my defender is stuck in his position waiting for the ball, and if its a short pas again as he turms towrds my goal and my idiot defender still doesnt move towards him forget moving at lightning speed.
I wanted to know is their some extra button in the game for this that im missing or what? I tried many different st of different overall ranging fron 84-95 with different bc drib etc nothing matters. Somebody like to shed some light in this matter?
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