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So I finally placed my hands on the 90 version of this monster. It costed me 2,13 million on a bid war that started at 1 million yesterday. I am SO impressed with this card that I actually think he is worth the coins I payed. My end team is stacked with an attack of tots Aguero and TOTS Dybala (this last one being a cheat in game) and I swapped the 90 monster at CAM from tots KDB (now at CM). Having ToTs SAvic and Tots Naingollan on the team I have to say that this 90 Gullit outperforms them all by far. I actually wasn’t expecting such a game changer and it’s stupid how I come against 93 rated teams and when he scores people just rage quit. Cr7 don’t have the presence of this guy, or 98 Suarez. Now, the question:

Anyone used the 93 version on the SWITCH? I mean I wonder if there is a noticeable version on our console. I’ve realized we can’t just rely on reviews for other consoles as the gameplay is totally different. ALSO I have never seen a 93 gullit in the market, for the whole year. Anyone has?
What are your thoughts? Thanks and happy gaming :)


  • sdub51
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    93 never been in market. You can try him on loan. I used 93 and 90 a lot and didn’t notice any difference.

    I think you paid too much. I saw the last Gullit 90 sold for 775,000.
  • RealKuxuxu
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    Well, the one I bought was 5 days ago, maybe that one sold before the end game packs until the 15th August. Anyway, I don’t regret it a bit. The 90 at cam is an absolute cheat card, I’m always in division one and he outperforms any other card on my squad, has a ratio of 47 goals in 31 games. Even if I overpaid I don’t regret it, the guy is everywhere in the pitch and his dribbling and finesse shots are incredible. I got loan 96 R9, I just wish I got him earlier on the it probably never show a single one in the market.
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