This WL + speed up lag = unplayable (nothing I can do)

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This weekend league is totally unplayable. Speed up lag is so bad, the worst I've ever encountered. I don't think I'll even get through ten games at this rate. I've been conceding goals and missing key passes and shooting opportunities when speed up lag hits and it completely ruins everything. Fifa seriously nerd to sort out their servers. Anyone else getting the same?


  • Theomanny
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    Been ❤️❤️❤️❤️ all day. Ea gave up on the game man.
  • Slideman1187
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    My games are running smoothly, better than alot of other weekends
  • Davola77
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    Haven't had any speed up lag but quite a few heavy games where players struggle to turn, slow passes, messed up player switching etc
  • Arsenalfan97
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    Speed up lag in weekend league is your own connection mate. Was anyone downloading or streaming tv?
  • Mutu10gol
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  • Arron xox
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    Use a Ethernet cable = no speed up lag
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    1st game i got the halftime glitch lol. Wtf are they doing? Feels like it was fixed a few weeks ago, didnt even happen in swuad battles like it usually does. Has happened like 7 times this week and now in WL.
  • BLqzTT
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    Speed up lag is not a server issue it’s your connection, I haven’t had it all year and I have 200mb virgin plays like lan
  • Heshyooo
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    BLqzTT wrote: »
    Speed up lag is not a server issue it’s your connection, I haven’t had it all year and I have 200mb virgin plays like lan

    I've got the same connection as you. Never had an issue with speed up lag until this weekend. Maybe it's there's something messing up the internet in my area?!
  • stevotrueblue
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    I dont think its definitely your connection,,, I have BT Infinity 1 with around average 70mb and I have got it from time to time in WL,, always have. Even when I am the only one online in the house. Its been a WL issue for awhile that they have admitted to in the past but never totally eradicated.

    Perhaps it could be the ops connection ,, but I suspect its more to do with servers than anything else,, happens more in WL too than seasons. Seasons not without issues,, like you still get lag there in some games but the speed up thing seems to be more WL for some reason which leads me to think its not individual connection or the broadband speed
  • selb
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    I used to get speed up lag until i started using a wired connection, since then, no speed up lag
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