Be a pro - The computer keeps loosing the ball in the buildup and neither team can score

So im playing as a GK for Arsenal and we have a pretty sick team, Lacazette, Rabiot, Godin, Koscielny, Özil, Calejon etc...

But they cant even make it through the last third of the pitch? They just keep giving possesion away by unnecesary passing instead of bringing the ball forward and waiting for teammates to make runs, feels like 50% of all games i play ends goalless (0-0)

This applies to the opponents aswell, nobody can create chances

I have fiddled around with sliders quite a bit, here are mine that i have adjusted:

User: Passing errors: 25
User: First touch controll error: 35
User: Run frequency: 65

Same settings for the AI

Im playing on Legendary, 5 minute long halfs

Thankful for any responses


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