I'm not so sure If I'm correct but..... EA IS A LIAR

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I watch someone posted a video of playing FIFA 19 on the Switch at Gamescom BUT....

1. it looks like theres no better graphics (no graphics enhanced).

2. The gameplay is still remaining the same where all the players runs with the ball quick turning and quick turn when shooting and passing without having a proper smooth 360 turns with the ball. The FIFA gameplay on Switch doesn't look or feel right.

3. Every animation in the game is still looking the same (crappy handicap hands, eyes and mouth don't move naturally, players run on pitch warming up before kick off looks like they're having stiff neck, shoulders and arms etc. Same as running off the pitch at half time/full time.

Come on now. Nintendo Switch is a successful console so far but it getting all b*****ks for not making better FIFA on Switch like the XB1 PS4 but without the frostbite graphics.

Why the helI and I cannot believe nothings better I was looking forward to FIFA 19 to be better. EA said there will better graphics, animations and possibly better gameplay and more on Switch.

(EA Sports It In The Game)

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