PC FIFA 18 vs PS4 FIFA 18.

Now call me delusional or something, but the gameplay on both platforms is completely different and I am speaking offline/online.
PS4 is crisp, responsive, fluid, game just zips and flows on pitch. You can dribble fine and pull off skill moves, but on PC the experience I have is toxic to say the least. Game feels like it's in mud, players feel heavy, react slow to input, dribbling is sluggish, first touch is a joke.
Now I thought I was the only one to notice that, but the more I read, there seems to be more players with same issues.
Can someone compare both platforms head 2 head and see? It's night / day difference for me and my PC FIFA never played ANYTHING like PS4 counterpart. Ever.
And no, my internet is v. good (200Mb dl / 60Mb up), PC is beastly too and 240Hz monitor as I play my games on PC mostly ;).


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