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I love that we are getting more new stadiums than we ever have for this version of FIFA, although I'm greedy and still want more. However, I've done the stadium assignments for all the expected FIFA 19 leagues the last few days to hype up. Everytime you do this you get a pretty good look at what kind of stadiums FIFA have covered relatively well with generics, which stadiums are truly unique and can only be covered by adding that specific stadium and what types of stadiums could be covered better with generics. In this thread I'm going to focus on the latter, so here are a few more generic stadiums that could drastically improve the assignments:

The average modern 25k seater stadium with two tiers
A mix between Molton Road (with two tiers), Waldstadion (smaller) and Stade Municipal (modernized). There are just too many in the world of these to not have a perfect generic for them.
Teams that could be covered: Reading FC, FC Sochaux, Reims, FC Groningen, Valenciennes, Malmö FF, Sivasspor, New York Red Bulls etc.

A more average tiny stadium
There are tons of teams in FIFA who play in stadiums with less than 10k or even less than 6k, but Town Park does not fit all of them. There should be a 6k stadium with an even tier all around that looks very generic since that would cover tons of smaller teams.
Teams that could be covered: SD Huesca, Burton Albion, Shrewsbury Town, Excelsior, FC Emmen, Livingston, FC Thun, St. Pölten, KV Oostende, BK Häcken, FC Nordsjælland etc.

The average MLS stadium.
Modern 20-30k seaters with one tier and either no roof or limited roofs.
Teams that could be covered: FC Dallas, Houston Dynamo, Colorado Rapids, Real Salt Lake, Philadelphia Union

A 90-100k seater
Basically just because Camp Nou is left out. Libertador is way too small and Barca is too big of a team to be left with a bad generic.
Teams that could be covered: FC Barcelona


  • Niklasf95
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    Agree with this!
  • flcinusa
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    Also not have 3 or so stadiums based off Stamford Bridge just with different roofs

    Eastpoint Arena
    Estadio De Las Artes
    FIWC Stadium

    Something different please
  • Tom0307
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    Could just put in a stadium editor like in the old PES games, just give you some assets and choices about stands and then you could customise as best you can to real life. It wouldn't take much memory because all the assets would be in the game and each stadium can just use the different assets each time as opposed to the game saving versions of the full stadium for every team for example
  • Earlybird15
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    Great idea since they won’t include a stadium editor. It’s nice they’re including more real stadiums but there are so many other stadiums in Portugal, Scotland, Italy, Turkey and others. I’d be interested in a DLC that gives either more real/generic stadiums or preferably a stadium editor for a few dollars. I think that’d draw some interest.
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