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Surely the 5 development player training once a week should be got rid of, and replaced with development training sessions implicated by you, where you don’t have to do the mini games, but instead pick easy medium or hard player development training for each individual player.

Easy gets you 1 development stat point to add to the player.
Medium gets you 2 development stat points to add to the player.
Hard gets you 3 development stat points to add to a player.
“The trade off being that each development session, wether a easy, medium or hard training session, takes away more players game stamina, so that - eg - you would not train hard the day before a match, or the players playing in the next match would be too tired to last the match, you would would either do an easy development session if 100 percent stamina or pass on it if On 75 per cent or lower.

Normally after a match a players stamina is down to 25 per cent to 50 per cent, which takes 2 to 3 days to get back to 100 per cent, what if easy development training used 25% stamina, medium development training 50% stamina and hard development training 75% stamina, that would make training and selection more realistic.

Easy development Training - would take 1 day to recover if the player started at 100 per cent stamina.
Medium development Training - would take 2 days to recover if the player started at 100per cent stamina.
Hard development Training - would take 3 days to recover if the player started at 100 per cent stamina.

So you may do a hard development training session when there are no games, which would be like an in game training match session, but when there are 2 games aweek, you may do an easy or medium session, or if you know that the reserve players are not playing in a match, you could give them a hard development training session to get there stats up quicker, this would promote them over time to 1st team consideration quicker,

But you get to choose what each player will work on with the stat development promotion, so you are in control of the players training.

Maybe just have the training on Monday Wednesday and Friday.

In theory if you start will 100 per cent on Monday as a reserve player and do a hard development stat training session you would lose 75 per cent stamina so that on Wednesdays development training session you would start on 75 per cent, you could do another hard session but by the end of this you would be down to 0 and you would only recover to 50 per cent for Fridays developing training session which would mean you could only do a Medium development training session which would take you down to 0 again, by the next Monday you would only be on 75 per cent, this would take some good micro management.

If you where a first team player, and played on Saturday, your stamina maybe 25per cent after the game, so by Monday you would only have recovered to 75 per cent if you where in a Champions League Match on Tuesday Evening, you mite want to skip development training to be a full 100 per cent, then after the game you would about 25per cent you could skip Wednesdays development training also, to be 100 for Friday, then you could do an easy development session and still be 100 per cent for Saturdays game.

(Maybe a maximum of 8 stat points 2 x hard development and 1 medium development sessions for reserves or youth squads, as they would not be playing in 1st team matches, this would increase there development quicker, but keep there stamina low, until lighter training is introduced)
Maybe only 1 state point used only on each individual training session workout - eg a winger may use 1 on Acceleration 1 on pace 1 and 1 Crossing, even if this was done on the other hard training sessions, and 2 state points from the medium on Accerlation and Pace, he would only Benefit with an increase of 3 on Acceleration, 3 on Pace and 2 on Crossing, this would slow down individual item stat development.
Even if Pace was at 70 it would take 10 weeks to get to 100.

(To use on what you want to train the player on.)
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    It's an excellent idea that i've felt (to an extent of your post) is what was needed instead of the 5-player training. Which is too easily exploitable and has been since it was introduced in World Cup 2014, what i don't understand is why it took till FIFA 17 (it think it was) when it was introduced almost in exactly the same form it was in in World Cup 2014 (but without strength & speed skill training).

    For the work that was put in (or delayed effort, however you want to look at it) to integrate it into career mode they would of been better doing something like you suggest.

    It seems almost completely irrelevant to post suggestions any more (as EA will do what they want) but it's refreshing to share ideas with the community all the same.
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