Match Rating

Is this crap broke or what? I play the CAM position with 100% passing 7 complete, 2 interceptions, 1 tackle, 1/1 header, 4/2 ball retention and my rating is 4.8. I was out of position 16 times which I dont know how much that affects your rating but still 4.8 is rediculous.
So, first how do you stay in position?
2nd, how do you increase your rating?


  • Someone please answer these questions to give me clarity....
  • IGS
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    You may see a red pointer when you are out of position, it also indicates the direction/position you should be. If you're out of position 16 times then i think you are not a natural CAM. I mean the positioning system is not perfect, in fact is crap, but 16 times is too much.

    I PLAY CDM/CAM/CM the worst i do sometimes is out of position 4-6 times, and yes, out of position lower A LOT your rating in a bit.
  • Pieman25
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    A player being out of position 16 times is poor for a 90 minute game, you'd need to be scoring and assisting to expect higher than a 5.
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