FIFA 19 Online Career Mode Concept

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Hi Guys.

We are currently putting together a Online FIFA Concept Mode to Launch our first League Season after the release of FIFA 19. We hope to have Leagues on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

However we have some cool things to be doing on the site leading up to FIFA 19 release.

We are aiming to create a mix of Ultimate Team, Career mode and Football Manager. Managers will be able to create their own Club Name, Badge & Kits, Stadium upgrades, Player Wage Bills etc.

The Concept design is based around FIFA Concept Points, you play games to earn Points. These Points can then be used to Purchase Players, Upgrade your Stadium, Facilities & Hospitality add ons.

We run Weekly Friendlies Challenges so people can earn extra Points outside of League and Cup games to further improve their Club.

We are still developing the website but it is live to access and to participate in the Friendlies Challenges to start stock piling your Points for the release of FIFA 19.

If this is something that sounds interesting to you, head over to the Site and get signed up and have a browse around the Forum section for Information and Guides.

Site Link ->

Hope to see you there :)


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