FIFA 19 on Nintendo Switch has got to do better !

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I have been playing FIFA 18 on Nintendo Switch AND on Xbox One a well almost a year now and I am only fed up with the FIFA 18 gameplay and other features on Nintendo Switch. The FIFA 18 graphics on Switch I'm ok with, but could do better as I heard a rumor that EA will make the graphics better BUT.... what else is going to be better?

There are games on Switch that runs on Unreal 4 engine, fantastic.

It feel like EA is taking the FIFA 18 for Nintendo Switch backward with that same old gameplay, no new animation system (real player motion tech), boring old crowds don't do much, dull celebrations, no FIFA coins and no leveling up on the main menu, no quick subtitute, no catalogues for using fifa coins to buy new balls - football boots - celebrations.

Plus there are several football teams goalkeepers with missing gloves !! I have tried fix the gloves on some of the keepers through editing players but everytime I turn off the game and later go back to FIFA the goalkeepers gloves disappears again
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