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Hi, I’m a software engineer working in Australia. I’m a huge fan of the FIFA franchise and have been playing the game for over 9 years now.

In an attempt to join 2 of my favourite interests, software development & FIFA, I built a web application which allows players to track their progress in Career Mode like never before. Some of its functionality include:
1. The ability to drilldown on statistics that are not available in the game like Match Detail aggregations and accumulation of performances throughout their Career.
2. Numerous graphical illustration the player’s progress in the Career Mode
3. Detailed comparisons between individual club players and all-in-club performances between seasons.
4. Interactive dashboards to highlight on key games and achievements obtained in the Career Mode
5. Jump between seasons to re-visit stats.

And trust me when I say there's a lot more...

This personal project has been in the works for 2 years and is not made commercial yet for the following reason: due to the lack of external integrations (APIs) for the app to consume to obtain that data, players must input all match details manually (e.g. goal scorers, upcoming matches, league associations etc.). This is not a deal breaker, seeing that the application can still execute all its functions correctly, however, having an automated process which saves the player from doing so would create a far more pleasant experience for the player.

As a Career Mode enthusiast, I’d love to take this to the next level by pitching this application to the relevant personnel at EA at hopes that one day all Career Mode enthusiasts could access a ‘Career Mode Web App’ in a similar fashion to the Ultimate Team Web App.

It’ll be greatly appreciated if you could endorse this discussion so someone at EA can see this and help me make this a reality.

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  • TheRealHarrison
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    Love it!! Could you maybe post a few images of what you've Got? I'm curious to see. I hope EA see this as they barely need to lift a finger to do something that changed Career mode for the better! :)
  • EA_Andy
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    I know this isn't the exact answer you were looking for but this article should help -


  • Alemas_2012
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    "I know this isn't the exact answer you were looking for"
    That's an understatement when the linked article basically says "Unless you work for us, screw you and your idea"...
  • TeamExtreme17
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    "We’re not able to accept product ideas or game concepts from people outside of Electronic Arts."

    :D :D :D :D :D
  • Tornado31619
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  • Alemas_2012
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    "We’re not able to accept product ideas or game concepts from people outside of Electronic Arts."

    :D :D :D :D :D

    At least that explains the lack of a suggestions section.
    They just don't accept them from outside people, end of...
  • Alemas_2012
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    This is another reason why EA is such a hated company, when they explicitly state that they don't accept any suggestions than their own.
    Close-mindedness never helped anyone...
  • Parlabane
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    Perhaps it’s to avoid proprietary issues and any potential legal issues.
  • TheRealHarrison
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    Terrible company that doesn't accept any ideas that don't up their profits. I'd love to create a football game that completely puts EA on red alert and forces them to make changes! I just don't know enough coding...
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    I would just try and look up some developers on Twitter/LinkedIn and give them a brief pitch about your idea and if they can help you with API's.
  • Primal
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    actually a great idea. Doubt anyone who matters will listen though.
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