I can already tell Fifa 19 will once again under-deliver

I've seen all the footage of the gameplay, I've read all about the changes that they're making and to be blunt about it I'm not impressed!
I don't expect gameplay to be massively different from year to year so this isn't what I'm annoyed about, but what I do expect as should everyone else is big changes to career mode and pro clubs I've been anticipating big improvements it year after year instead to be massively let down by the same lazy shoddy work by the dev team who pump all the cash into FUT instead for a cheap cash grab, it really makes me sick to see how a game from 2007 had more variety and a better overall career than the current gen game 11 years later!
How is that even possible?

Then we have the Journey mode with Alex Hunter... Literally, who cares?
This story mode could have been made okay If you actually had an option for people to create a Fifa pro and take them into this instead, but nope we have to take the role of some actor role-playing a footballer, I'm really lost for words here, wouldn't you think If you want a story mode that you might want to focus on a real player from the past?

It seems as If they wanted to just cater to a casual market which is fair from a business point of view, but why not have two options on a career mode one being like the bog standard boring awful career mode we have right now and one which allows a lot of options which makes us deal with tough situations and so on?

Then to further rant away you get Serie A license back and what do you do for Fifa 19 instead, you scan all of the La Liga players! HOW DOES THAT MAKE ANY SENSE?!
Its not just the Serie A which has been completely ignored for countless years whilst you rake in hundreds of millions of pounds year in and year out, you have absolutely no excuse to not pay some attention to some of the not so popular to you leagues.
The king of licenses, yet you make minimal effort for so many of the licenses that you hold its a big slap in the face to people whose team isn't from the La Liga or the EPL.

I could honestly go on and on, 18 years playing Fifa and ever since FUT came about the game has just gone on a downward spiral of not giving a damn about anything else other than microtransactions, this game is an elaborate ruse to care about a footballing experience.
FUT has killed Fifa, I've boycotted FUT for many years and now It looks like I'll have to also stop purchasing the game.


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