REVIEW'S on Antonio MIRANTE? Serie A's only save with feets keeper.

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Hello everyone!

So what are your thoughts on him?
Save with feets trait for a Seria A GK
The only one I think

I have Buffon FoF 96 and I am really unsecure with him, I tried Handanovic 90 IF and he was awesome but he doesn't fit into my squad anymore (I need an italian or a juventus gk to work with chiellini tots) so I was going to try this one...

What do you think? (I also tried IF Donna and I found him ok but not that good)


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    I used him with Futties Manolas and he pulled off a few unexpected saves.

    Definitely better than his rating suggests, and worth trying at the price he is.

    The saves with feet trait does come in handy and I can confirm he has it in FUT, as I checked (sofifa is only completely accurate for career mode).
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    Yeah I think I'll try him then for 650c should be alright :p
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