Whos switching to pro evo?

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There seemed to be an update an i dont think ea tell people about it an right now the gameplay has changed for me an i like it but if fifa 19 has that stupid kick off **** im not buying it its ruined the game absolute joke i played pro evo 19 demo an i tbink its pretty good. Fifa 18 has been an awful game all year. 17 was crap as well an ive had enough. So who else is or might buy pro evo instead?


  • Ronaldinho999
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    Pes goals are very unsatisfied, fake shots are not clear seems like its always a 50/50... the only aspect I take positive is the build up which seems more fluid, players movement in pes controlling milner or salah is almost the same, while in fifa this is much more realistic

    I will get fifa but im almost sure ill play less than i played 18
  • AFCA_P
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    Judging the PES19 demo, I will probably buy both....
  • MacDaddy
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    I am fed up with fifa, might give it a go
  • Nahuel90
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    I come from pes. i switched pes2018 for FIFA 18. and each day passes I like it a little bit more. FIFA 18 is such a great game.
    I can tell you one thing. pes is downgrading and lying every new year, patching the same old physics engine (not the Fox engine) since pes3 on ps2.
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