PS4 91 Rated looking for active club

I"m a pretty serious pro clubs player i"ve have been playing pro club since december last year. I"m pretty active as well. I"m looking for a team with with atleast 5 players on at the same time and active as well.

I usually play ST, CDM, but i can also play CAM and RB/LB. 16 year old with mic.
Add: Husseswag on PS4


  • FurtiveSway
    25 posts Last Pick at the Park

    you sound like you're after a serious team, who play good football.

    PSN - FurtiveSway, we will be playing tonight if you'd like to fall in. We'd like a CDM.
  • samjimbob
    39 posts Park Captain
    Es11 Bournemouth are in need of a top striker PSN samjimbob
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