Anyone using SBC Defoe?

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I couldn't get away with 94 De Bruyne so thought I'd stick Defoe cam until I got Prime Del Piero.

He's that good I'm actually thinking of not bothering with Piero. Always in the right place, nimble, fast and 90% of his shots go in.

Not bad for 30k.


  • HelloDearie
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    I did use him for 10 games, until I packed Higuain and Tevez.

    He is excellent for what he cost, and can finish pretty much every chance he gets. He is now tho just a super sub for me.
  • I use him as striker, very clinical and as you say in the right place
  • MrFitz
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    Loved him for the 10-20 games I played with him up top, though he would seem to miss the occasional sitter...made great runs like you said, and quick to boot.
  • forearms
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    He worked great for me in another SBC
  • Arsenik365
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    Great, he plays like Aguero
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    Really enjoy using him, currently have him and sbc crouch up top, with prime R9 as my super sub lol
  • cornbeef
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    his shooting is insane, he finished everything for me the only downside is that he makes me wish i never did futties Rashford as he out preforms him in every way
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    forearms wrote: »
    He worked great for me in another SBC

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