Is anyone else experiencing this?

11 posts Ball Boy
Ive won Division 1 5 times out of the last 7 campaigns and started to experience slower gameplay and bad fortune in some instances. Is it just me or this EA's way of nefing good players. Although it didnt hurt my championships significantly it is frustrating to see.


  • Betrus
    1190 posts Professional
    Yeah, gameplay was fine last week. I won div 1 without losing a single match. This week I was relegated to div 2. The gameplay has been awful. I think it's just because of EA's crappy servers and match-making. I've been facing mainly Polish and Russian players this week. They seem to use potatoes as modems.
  • Kopperhead
    36 posts Last Pick at the Park
    This! My team played amazing until I did the Harry Kane untradable SBC he played great for a week then it seems they nerves his strength to the point where anyone can push him off the ball at anytime. Seriously defenders with 0 stamina because they’ve been sprinting all game and I sub Harry in 85th minute they push him off the ball like a child. He still scores anytime you get a clear shot but that won’t happen since he’s slow and gets pushed off anytime your near the box
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