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40 posts Last Pick at the Park
Just a straw poll. Are players as toxic as they seem or do I just get bad experiences? Like, if someone asks me for a mutual quit when the lag is terrible, I always give it. Ask for it yourself, and it’s lkke there’s a nine-year old on the other end who senses an advantage and therefore refuses. So you play a crap laggy game. I put the ball out tonreiqest a quit. When it gets knocked back, I don’t even get the ball thrown back to me.

The celebrations - kinda thinking they need to be culled. Acting like Billy Bigdick because you’ve just tapped in from two yards with Lukaku and an open goal... yeah, I know, but when you see it a thousand times...

Playing the bugs. We all know they exist, but I think hammering near-post corners at Pogba is arguably the cheapest way to score.

Running your keeping out and dribbling with him. I quit any game instantly when people do that, regardless of the score.

In short - are there still people who play this game for a bit of a challenge, or are most people seeing ludicrous high paced, high aggression, high pressing clowns who are sucking the joy out of it? I think the way people behave behind a veil of anonymity is disappointing at times. Yeah, it’s only a game and blah de blah. But I bought it, and while I want to challenge myself by playing a not-fantastic team, I still kind of hope that there are sporting players and gentlemen out there who don’t feel the need to do all of the above. Just me?


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