Prime Gullit worth completing if I didn't really enjoy the 90?

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He would replace Firmino as LCM

Have base Ronaldo to submit and would complete Zanetti+Litmanen, also have lots of untradeables to use if EA doesn't release EOAE CR7 tomorrow.


  • Diggy
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    If you didn’t enjoy the 90 no but what is wrong with you he’s the best most versatile player in the game
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  • letsfifa10
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    Yes, you would want to have 10 93 gullit if possible
  • alanrudy
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    Probably no, but does depend a bit on why you didn't like the 90.
  • TheonlywayisS6
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    I had the 86 for a bit, and he was decent but not amazing. Never used the 90 but I decided to do the 93 SBC a month or so ago, it cost me around 1.1m and I got nothing worthwhile from the reward packs, but oh my prime Gullit is actually incredible. I thought he wouldn't be as good as he's hyped up to be but he is, I use him at either CAM or CM and he's amazing, a complete beast in the middle, gets all over the pitch and his scoring ratio is actually as good as my strikers.
  • Denz
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    Faced the 93 a fair bit and just the sight of the dreadlocks steaming at me made me over think what I was doing with the ball.

    Got the prime done during the great world cup crash and wish I did it earlier tbh. Card is incredible. I'd happily start with 9 outfield gullits and a keeper if that was the sacrifice to get more than one of the guy on the team.
  • watford110
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    All these people saying Prime Gullit is amazing.. they are liars... he's better.
  • Professor
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    I had the 90 for 1000 games and he was fantastic and just upgraded to the 93 last week. It took me a good 30 games to get used to him but he is definitely better then the 90
  • opasni_
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    Look, it's end of the game, only 3 WL's left.

    Go enjoy yourself and build Prime Gullit. :)
  • SanderFC
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    TOTS Nainggolan from the 89 squad SBC :open_mouth:

    Shame he doesn't fit in my squad
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