Champions/Europe league cards

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Hi all,

What extra's do the CL/EL cards bring? Will it be like a OTW that the player's card will get updated? Or that all CL/EL cards will link with eachother?


  • ZizioGardo
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    We don't know yet. We saw that CL had some different card designs, so some might be MOTM, Team of the Group Stage, SBC cards and some kind of CL & EL OTW ect.

    We'll just have to wait and see.

    I don't think that the CL and EL cards will link. Probably just different card designs.
  • hansie-fcu
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    If you get one of the expensive versions of FIFA 19 you get a champions league player 80-83 rated so I would like to know what kind of extra it has
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