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My names Nathan and I'm a UK based player, I've played fifa for years and used to play FVPA and was ranked on the defenders leaderboards back in the day - Think I reached top 70 or there abouts. I've moved from xbox to psn and my friends dont play as regularly as I'd like so thats why I'm on here.

I like playing any sort of defensive position, full back, center back, center defensive midfield or even central midfield.

My pro isn't very highly rated as I don't have many friends on to play with but I'm very experienced in the game so that'll change sharply if you give me the chance.

I work during the day so I'll only be available at nights or weekends.

If you'd like to get in contact reply here or add my psn which is Nathan_1874

If I'm not the player your after I hope you find what youre looking for soon.
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    Hello bro we looking for defenders
  • Jona113d
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    Hello i have a team with 18 highrated players. The club is only a week old but we are already in div 3 with a 39-5-4 record 1 EA Shield cup trophy and 1 EA cup trophy. We play every day. And dont have any CB
    My PSN name is bennydyret, wright to me if you want a try out with the club
  • We are division 6 need a strong cb defender love to have you we will more than likely end up in around 1 or 2 and we have played 4 seasons and won 4 seasons please let us know
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