Help me choosing an option

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Hello guys,

atm, I am playing this team:


R9, Neymar, Martial, Dinho and Kimpembe are untradable. Furthermore, I have TOTS Werner, PTG Willian, SIF Lozano, Futties Bakayoko and Futties Manolas untradable on my bench.

Option A:
Keep the team as it is. Or maybe swapping Martial for Willian?

Option B:
Wait for (hopefully) Futties Florenzi, swap Boateng for Futties Manolas and Fährmann for TOTS Alisson.

Option C:
Sell Vieira, play Bakayoko as CCM and get someone like TOTS De Bruyne or a special Pogba version and change the defensive line up.

I do not change formation in game btw, only when I notice that the formation doesn’t work out against my opponent.

Thanks for your help!


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