A or B and why? (Pics)

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Got bored of trying to trade towards Dybala so think I might just spend the coins.

Team A - Current team. But buy Mertens and complete Manolas for Gomez and Koulibaly.


Or new team B

What say you?


  • Fliiip__
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    You could also combine it by getting Goretzka instead of SMS and play him RCM and get Reus.

    Otherwise, I like A better because U have got Werner untradable and he works far better as sub for me.
  • FUT_Moe
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    A because of SMS.
  • sheffutd87
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    Cheers both.

    I had considered putting Reus into A but I was worried that three M/Ms may feel a bit static up top in that formation. It can do sometimes now with two and I can be reliant on Gomez to make some runs in behind in some games.

    I do prefer SMS over Goretzka too as I don’t dribble out of midfield too much I like a passing based game so I feel like I prefer the presence of SMS.

    Maybe I’ll buy a TOTS Mertens then... thanks
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