Is 19 going to be the same ?

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Fifa 18 was the most unenjoyable stressful and frustrating game I have ever played. Comparing 18 to previous releases we can definitively say that the quality in gameplay has hit a new all time low. Gameplay is ten years behind what it was 10 years ago let alone what it threatened it would become. The potential was frightening for this game back in the day only for it to have gone horribly horribly wrong. The control you have over your players and team is bare minimum with it almost at a stage in which it is a football manager game. This is no longer a game of football it is an unplayable mess.

Kick off boosts
Goalkeepers being disabled or boosted, Button delay,
Hitting post 10 times a half,
Corner boosts,
One sided referees,
Broken ai,
Passes being redirected to opponents by ea sports,
Advantage rule broken,
Auto switching failure,
Under pitch currents dragging players around like they are on ice,
Cheaters running wild allowed and supported by ea sports.

This is not even half of the issues that this game is blighted with. I feel like ea sports is on the verge of a major fall in terms of their reputation. How many dummys will actually play a game they have no control over without becoming fed up ? I mean I am not the most patient person but what human is patient enough to actually tolerate the toxic nature of this company? How long are football fans going to actually play a game that they just don't enjoy? Any business they got from me was due to the hope that the game somehow magically returned to it's fun old ways but a decade of pure garbage releases and a massive decline in quality can't be ignored. I would be an imbecile to pay money for such a horrendous experience as i did fifa 18 and the many others that lead to this massive car crash of a game .


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    I completely agree with all of the above, the game is essetianlly designed as a way to turn money into frustration and disappointment. Fifa 19 will be exactly the same game as fifa 16 with a few novelties added to make it look like effort has been put in.
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