Toxic Community

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everytime i find co op partners on ps4 and we play, 9/10 they are worse players than me but yet they are the ones that get mad if i misplace a pass, even tho they do it more time than i do and when i do the same thing to them (stop my controlled player once they make an error) they immediately get mad forfeit and unfriend, even tho i try to ignore their tantrums for a while and play the damn game, and another example i drop my controller to look at my phone or talk to my room mate, they think automatically that i am mad and forfeit and unfriend.

is it because most fifa players are 12-17? its really tough to find a good player in this toxic community that doesn't throw tantrums every 2 seconds?


  • Ronaldinho999
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    And then you go see the records of those "top players" and it's 50-30 80-70 some dont even play seasons... and i ask to myself how can they say they are top or even good with as many loses as wins
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