2nd August update game crashes Xbox one

Hi there, Fifa 18 stopped working after yesterday‘s (2nd of August update. It sits on the loading screen for a while and then it returns to the home screen.
Console: Xbox one
Anyone else with the same issue?


  • hey the same problem with me, updated yesterday , now just goes to home screen after loading, DESPERATE for a answer
  • I have the same problem guys...can anyone help us?
  • Marcoskoka
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    Estou com o mesmo problema dos amigos acima, clico no Fifa 18 (Xbox One) para iniciar, mais não inicia, ajuda nós ai EA.
  • I'm having the same problem as the above friends, I clicked on Fifa 18 (Xbox One) to start, but the game does not start, can anyone help? In fact the EA have to solve this problem as it started after the upgrade.
  • I have the same issue here
  • Hi... same damn issue... keeps going back to the dashboard. I see no responses from EA as yet
  • Ok so ea advisor helped me... told me to go to settings, network settings, advance settings, then select 3rd option. Then select clear. The Xbox will then ask to restart... then switch off the console, pulled out power cable. Restart after 2 minutes. Once it starts... go to settings... blue ray and disc (2nd last option) then go to persistent storage and clear persistent storage. After 15 minutes start fifa 18... should work according to advisor... but it didn't work. Still no other response from EA. Great service after this dumb update
  • CheekiBreeki00
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    You should be grateful. It's providing the best gameplay experience yet, no frustrations about match manipulation
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