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Hey FIFA Fans!

Welcome to The Pitch Notes: a deep dive into FIFA 19 from the people who make the game and from our community team.

First, we look at the gameplay features in FIFA 19:

We’d love to hear your feedback on the new platform and gameplay announcements for FIFA 19!
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  • Can we get the FUT companion app and the web app to support the Nintendo Switch this year?
  • Improve goalkeeper animations
  • Diopinho
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    It would be nice to be able to make our own kits in FUT. Online career mode has to happen as well, we've been asking for it for too long.
  • What's new for a new anti-hacker system on the PC? We see several in Weekend league and squad battle
  • bjornini
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    What's new for a new anti-hacker system on the PC? We see several in Weekend league and squad battle

  • TeamExtreme17
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    Can you please fix all the numerous bugs repeatedly mentioned on here as well as add new features :)

    P.S. Nice read.
  • love EA finally listening to the community definitely a long time coming and should of happened a while ago but fair play, I enjoy the ideas you have for FIFA 19 with new touches animations and the new perfect strike system, but how is any of this gonna work if the servers arent improved? people pay and dump a lot of money into this game at least listen to the people when they tell you the servers need major improvements. Very Noticeable is the difference between season mode Servers and the FUT Champions servers, as people on FUT champs (Professionals and people trying to become professions) are getting denied access to tournaments because they were disconnected from a game due to server fault equivalent to getting fired from a job cause the machine you work on stops working. EA I['m not a pro just an avid player of your game since FIFA 12 and i know a lot of other people have played way before my time and i'm only one person but listen to me when I say your servers need to improve.
  • BobPlaysTV
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    Can we please get substitutions on pro clubs, so we can sub on our friends who are in the lobby/game or spectating.

    Would improve the game for competitive clubs and bring more people to the game mode.
  • Spudd1998
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    whens the FUT 19 event
  • Can you please change the animation of celebration in FIFA 19
  • More arm tattoos please
  • can you PLEASE remove button delay for all game modes ESPECIALLY pro clubs. and can we get some sort of texture face pack for pro clubs so you can make your player look just like the real footballer in the game.

  • Am I the only one, who doesn't see almost anything new about 50/50 battles?
  • Love the idea of all these features. Curious to know how the plan for pressing the shoot button again for timed inishing will work when you already have to press the shoot button twice for a driven shot.

    Does this mean driven shots no longer exist? Or is it that you’d need to hit shoot 3 times to execute a timed, driven shot?
  • Isco233
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    Fix pace abuse pls.
    Make the game slower and more realistic.
    Cherry picking. Fix it. This is a joke. Few years in a row and you cannot fix cherry pick.
    Gk- height is not the most important stat.
    82 rated gk cant be top 3 in the game.

    Ty guys.
  • Isco233
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    Ohhh!!! Remove contain pls. Sick of players that def only with x button in ps4.
  • diegoLacamara
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    - FUT: More in depth customization in FUT, better growth system for the club, better atmosphere, re think the chemistry links (its fun, but has gotten repetitive, I'd love more variety in teams). This one is not liked by the pros, but I dislike not having a limit of icons per team, I barely have time to play FIFA, and when I play WL, all the teams I face have 10 icons, which makes the game boring AF. Improved WL, hate that is 40 games in 2/3 days, I'd love more of a rank system like Overwatch or other games (Seasons).

    - Pro Clubs: More depth to the club, maybe the possibility of getting coins and be able to buy your players (for example, if the pro club doesn't have a GK, but we've reached 1st division, would love to change the usual bot for a Neuer.)
    - Face customization like other sports games
    - Better ranked system like Overwatch and others
    - Keep improving de UI/UX of clubs, (menus are slow AF)

    - Major content:
    - More player faces, is apalling how Serie A, Bundesliga and Ligue 1 are not even close in numbers to Premier League.
    - referies with faces of real people, bots look fake af
    - icons with proper shoes of the time could be interesting
    - shirts with badges of the competition you are playing
    - more animations
    - better menus (current ones are slow and old AF)
  • LordBob
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    I'm confused, is this a post attempting to engage with the community?
    Are you feeling ok Aidan?

    Nevertheless... this is good to see, by the way... but you should be asking your community for feedback BEFORE you implement your gameplay features, not after it... and eventually proceed to ignore said suggestions until next year rolls around.
    It's nice that you acknowledged that you're listening to the community in regards to the problems of fifa 18... but there has been countless suggestions over the last few years to make fifa so much better.
    Career mode is my biggest gripe. Online pro clubs.. but hey - there's countless, detailed suggestions on how to improve the game and MAKE MORE MONEY for the EA empire.

    Where are these suggestions?
    Right under your noses - on this forum, on every single social media platform operated by EA sports, reddit. all over the place. Just look.

    Honestly, invest in better community engagement and you'll be laughing.

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  • romannet
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    I appreciate you are trying to be better in comms and thanks for that. But one topic still missing...latency issues,input delay,lags it will be inproved. This is main point for most of players,including pros.
  • career mode:
    Manger mode please put in contract so you can run down your contract and leave like alot of mangers do and also be able to demand more money or bigger budget and stuff like that.
    let us put tattoos on our player on my career and manger mode.
    Manger mode put more clauses into buying and selling player for example buy back or have to buy if they play x% of games or buy and loan straight back.
    make it harder to buy the best players for example waiting for the club to buy a replacement.
    create a club and start from the lower leagues and build into a super club.

    goalkeepers improved catching and pushing shoots out off play.

  • francis222
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    -Responsive gameplay (no delay. when i press a button i want the action to immediately happen on the screen)
    -let me control my players, if i want him to pull up on a potential throw in then stop making my player chase the ball. on goal kicks let me switch my player that's receiving the ball
    -consistent gameplay. why in the hell does the game feel different at different times of the day.
  • What happens to low driven shots? Are they not in the game anymore?
  • WizardMD
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    all of the above, plus this...

    Fix those number gaps, kits clashing, more goalkeeper kits etc...
  • Smudge
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    I think this is a really good step in the right direction, but this still feels like it was written by a PR guy. Just feels too much like an advertisement still
  • Altair14
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    - Improve IA of Goalkepeers

    - i Want annual Boots upgrade Catalogue EASFC on PC, like Console version

    - fix career mode bugs( 3 years that i Ask) as:

    1= like the fact that the budget of the first season at the beginning of the second one is totally reset, a really ridiculous bug.

    2=as well as the fact that as a coach you never get job offers from other teams, you always have to offer yourself, it is not realistic

    3= more consideration for career mode, you must follow the football manager / Fifa manager model

    - improve of illumination, Fifa 18 And 19 beta are really dark
    - Goalie Net White colour, not grey!

    - enough worsen the gameplay with post launching patches to satisfy the UK children of the FuT! STOP!! We want mature And realistic soccer game.

    -it is not possible that it takes 3 years to do a few faces and few stadiums, when Konami has twice as many.
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  • SuperOnlyMan
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    More formations to Fifa Ultimate team would be lovely. I would love if the 3-1-4-2 was in FUT.
  • Make a champions league cup for pro clubs
  • I2iky10
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    EA_Aidan wrote: »

    Hey FIFA Fans!

    Welcome to The Pitch Notes: a deep dive into FIFA 19 from the people who make the game and from
    our community team.

    First, we look at the gameplay features in FIFA 19:

    We’d love to hear your feedback on the new platform and gameplay announcements for FIFA 19!

    what is the meaning of this topic?
  • DNarez21
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    Hats off to EA for finally engaging more with the community.

    Can we please fix button delay, server delay, and have fut champs available to everyone? Also can we have fut champs be week long like all other e sports as a ladder system? 40 games in 3 days a bit much as I've been doing it for 2 years now.
  • Altair14
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    - i Want annual Boots update Catalogue EASFC on PC, like Console version
    (It is ridiculous that the pc version never has the catalog updated like the other versions.)

    -full manual on Online mode And FUT
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