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Is De Gea completely worthless for anyone else? I am owning him for around 10 games now and he honestly feels like one of the worst GKs I tried all year, which is ridiculous seeing that he is brilliant every time I am playing against him.

Just lost a game 6-4 against an opponent playing with Fährmann who had 10 saves while my DDG had 3 saves. I couldn’t have a closer look at any goal because the replays didn’t picture them, but from the 4 goals I could look at, De Gea has been (at least partially) to blame for 3. Honestly can’t remember a GK that bad and with that many rebound directly to the opponents legs...


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    Yes 100% same here.

    I was using his tots he plays so ❤️❤️❤️❤️ it's ridiculous but of course when you Vs him he is superman
  • ofaroldainternet
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    Just sold him and got back to Fahrmann...
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    Begovic or Fahrmann FTW
  • Fliiip__
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    Fährmann and begovic performed better for me as well, which is quite rediculous... Might just get back to fährmann and save the coins :D
  • DicaniosGod
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    This thread!! :D:D
  • Liam W
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    Always amazing against me. My 98 Buffon frequently has games without making a significant save. If you give up chances on the break without defenders back then your opponent is likely to convert most of their chances. It's the price you pay for playing real football.
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    I had him for a few games and sold. Begovic outplayed him easily.
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