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@Carswell "Xabi Alonso" - *Captain*- Complete Forward/Midfielder - US
@OrangeEffect05 "Danzukic" - *Vice Captain* - Complete forwardcdmtargetwingerfielder- US
@yerwaltz "Waltinho", "Danzukic-feeder" - Complete Midfielder, RB - US

club members:
@Xtrem3 Poptarts "Pops", "Papa Bear", " The Wolverine" - Complete Forward/Midfielder, RB - Canada
@VICTAAAA - "Big Vic", "Ginger" "the Wall#2" - CDM, CB, Sweeper - US
@Paciga45 "Lefty" "Needs to play more clubs to get a nickname" - Fullback - US
@Frankenberry "Big Frank the Tank", "The Wall#1" - CDM, CB, Beast - US
@BrentfordFC "Makes little lmpact" "doesitall" - Forward/Midfielder/ Defender - UK
@EddieFicio "CR7", "Legend", "Steady Eddie" - Complete Forward - top 100, wait I mean EU?
@Davey Sprockett "Sprintz McGee", "The Rocket" - Forward - UK
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