Fifa17 ai difficulty problem

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Hello. My fifa17 game got this problem. when I got the geforce gt 1030 (2 gigabyte) graphics card. In my game, I play against cpu and play the difficulty level of the game on legendary, it's easy to play and not fair to the legendary true fifa17. CPU is weak in defending and attacking with me in game. It's always the same. When I remove and recreate the fifa17 profile, this problem gets fixed, But after 2 or 3 times playing and turning off the computer and after 10 minutes or more turning on the computer and playing several games (only offline friendly matches) of fifa17, it takes the same problem forever. My desktop computer specifications is = cpu: intel core i3-3220 ram: 8 gigabyte gpu: nvidia geforce gt 1030 asus ph windows: 10 (64-bit)

My graphics card is completely new and healthful and my computer has no viruses and the previous graphic card I had no problem was amd r7 250 (2 gigabyte).

Please answer me sooner.
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    ea Please fix this problem. I searched the Internet for 1 month and saw many users have this problem on the fifa17 computer. I think it should be the script error of the game fifa17. Because most users mentioned the same script error.
  • Good day,
    Just I wanna ask how to play against my friends online, I check many videos and I tried one by one but finally showing me that I have to add my friends but I don’t know how to do it , so please I need help
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    Turn on vertical sync on your graphic software setting control panel for fifa profile only. to solve cpu ai easy problem.
  • Stupid ai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I'll better to play ets2
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