A Tribute to FUT

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FUT is the most rewarding and the best gamemode I ever played in my entire life!

It's great. You start with a ❤️❤️❤️❤️ team. You play against AI and you win your matches and get some rewards for beeing Elite 1 in Squad Battles. Bad luck: Best player from the rewards a 78 rated discard. Ok, so let's invest more time. Do Squad Battles, Trade as hell, do all the SBC... still... no reward with decent value. No problem... Then finaly, after over 1'000 matches, after hundred of hours traiding you FINALLY get your cool team. 94 Rated, incredible ingame stats: What do you as a Soccer fan want more? Just great.

Then you play against AI in Squad Battles and your 99 strenght Midfielder gets pushed away by a 60 strenght Bronce player, your 97 speed Winger gets cought by a 56 speed defender, your 99 positioning players still run like idiots behind the defender and not in open and obvious space and your defender with 99 tackling cannot take the ball of a bronce attacker because it always bounces back.

That's a great Game mode which actually makes a lot of sense! I love it.
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