Insane 250k Team

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Of course I'm being facetious this team is far from Elite but I don't remember this in any other FIFA.

EA have done many things wrong this year but the futties promo has been done so right to end the year.

Been picking up some TOTS investments and I've managed to build this for under 250k.


I don't remember another FIFA where at the end of the year you can build a full 90+ TOTS team under 250k.


  • Zero_velocity
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    Looks good
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    Looks awesome on paper but I’ve used majority of them and tbh, they feel like 70s lol
  • Absting159
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    @YOLOT0URE That's not the point really. For alot of people who really don't get to have mass TOTS - they really made the end game better for them.

    For those like me - it's made me lose interest now that everyone's all blue. The work I put in trading and money opening packs - I don't like that now its worth less, but to his point its awesome for others. LOL.

    I'm torn, I think its great and annoying and I think by this point, there are still plenty of cards unattainable for those who didn't trade and stuff - so I guess in the end its not terrible.
  • illinifan
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    Ligue 1 is pretty fun, I had a full Ligue 1 TOTS team last year and it was surprisingly competitive.
  • SupaNoodle1990
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    That’s crazy value.
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