(PS4)Division 1 Club (Die Manshaft) Looking for active midfielders, defense and goalkeepers.

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edited July 2018
- Be active and dont club hop as we dont tolerate it in our club, we need players who are dedicated to play with us for the long term and once we have our full team we will be going for VPG Competitive League Games.
- Mainly looking for LCM/LAM/RAM/RM/LM/CDM/CBS/FBS/ST
- Be able to work well with our team.
- Short passes and possession is the main thing we push for.
- Looking for competitive skill level players who will be competing with us in VPG Leagues.
- If your up for it we will have tryouts
- IMPORTANT: Dont call the ball forward from AI's
- Contact Uzie66 or IXPrOpHeCyXI


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