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Is anybody else absolutely buzzing about the thought of starting the grind all over again?


  • Mc_chigby
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    Part way through the year I was considering not getting fifa this year (fut founder and played since 1998)

    But turned around recently as having fun again. Never spend and fp since fifa 15 so the grind is all I have to enjoy. But yes always enjoy the start each year as can do something different like try out a new league (was ligue 1 this year gone)
  • Jonboyparker
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    I've been impressed with the 2nd Half of the year. Loads of content and stuff to grind for. Hopefully FIFA 19 will start as they left off. I want a challanging game that is not just focused on competitive play.

    The only downside and it's a major one has been the gameplay. I don't mind a bit of AI but there needs to be more control. Playing shouldn't be making tackles on their own!

    All in all, I'm looking forward to FIFA 19 and starting from scratch. Will miss my team though.
  • DrMac95
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    agreed, there's definitely big things that need to be looked at around the gameplay, but the last thing I want to see is them to start giving tons of content right at the beginning, I quite like a slow start to each year, gives people time to play and focus on building up their coins before there's loads of things that you get outpriced for.
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