I made a mock-up Futties vote to see how things pan out

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Posted this on Reddit, thought I'd put it here too:
With all the hype for Futties I decided to predict the nominees and have a vote to see how Futties could pan out.
All of the categories are based on last year's and personally I think EA will change the format yet again but I thought I'd do this for a bit of fun. Took ages too. Thanks.

1:BEST CB (https://strawpoll.com/5c3eew8a) CARDS (https://imgur.com/gallery/2ICm65W)

2: BEST GK (https://strawpoll.com/6951gbpr)
CARDS (https://imgur.com/gallery/FM3zYk9)

3: BEST RW/M (https://strawpoll.com/yy46prgz)
CARDS (https://imgur.com/gallery/GC2B7i7)

4: BEST LB (https://strawpoll.com/1gd9a761)
CARDS (https://imgur.com/gallery/8CBgyfe)

5: BEST LW (https://strawpoll.com/k3rss4de)
CARDS (https://imgur.com/gallery/O0GRLBM)

6: OUT OF POSITION (https://strawpoll.com/74csy12d)
CARDS (https://imgur.com/gallery/d1MK0N6)

7: BEST CM (https://strawpoll.com/c787p4cy)
CARDS (https://imgur.com/gallery/AeBZ04E)

8: BEST U21 (https://strawpoll.com/yxpe34dp)
CARDS (https://imgur.com/gallery/kCHDjIq)

9: BEST RB (https://strawpoll.com/pz99wpkg)
CARDS (https://imgur.com/gallery/WMNku53)

10: BEST ST (https://strawpoll.com/hz42bb3f)
CARDS (https://imgur.com/gallery/QiBrAbf)


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