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Arlad takes the reigns at Notts County, the Oldest Club in England. With little to no experience managing a football team such a huge task awaits him as the pressure of the Magpies being the best already in League 2 the expectations are that they will win the league outright. ''This really seems like a recipe for disaster'' stated one less than enthusiastic supporter outside Meadow Lane.
I've always been a big fan of building a side from the Academy options. The chance to etch a history into the record books using my own legends rather than signing them outright is too much of a potentially epic story. The other YAS I did were offline, but largely involved taking a smaller side such as Crawley Town or Forest Green up to the big time, initially there is 0 expectations on you to succeed, where as with County the pressure is on right from the start.

Now that is out of the way, a couple of rules for the Youth Academy Series:
1. Player signings can only be made from the Youth Academy.
2. In Season 1 I'm only allowed to scout from the home grown countries; England, N.Ireland, R.Ireland and Scotland.
3. Scouts can be any nationality but; must be 3*/3* on Experience + Judgement.
4. The Notts County board want me to win the title in the first season!
5. Overall aim is to replace all original players with Academy players; with exception to: CB) Mike Edwards, CM) Kevin Nolan, CM) Alan Smith, ST) Shola Ameobi + ST) Jonathan Stead. The reason being is that these particular players are aged and at least 2 of them will retire at the end of the year and by season 2 the others probably would of also retired.
6. No Simming games. I'm not a big fan on simming. I do only play 5 minute halves though, on Legendary with Adjusted sliders.

The squad has been split into 2 teams, the first 11 are:
GK) Adam Collin
RB) Matt Tootle
CB) Haydn Hollis
CB) Shaun Brisley(C)
LB) Daniel Jones
RM) Jorge Grant (on loan from Nottm Forest)
CM) Michael O'Connor
CM) Robert Milsom
LM) Lewis Alessandra
ST) Shola Ameobi
ST) Jonathan Forte

2nd Team:
GK) Branislav Pindroch
RB) Nicky Hunt
CB) Mike Edwards(C)
CB) Richard Duffy
LB) Carl Dickinson
RM) Terry Hawkridge
CM) Curtis Thompson
CM) Liam Walker
LM) Liam Hodge
ST) Jonathan Stead
ST) Callum Saunders
The 3 Scouts for Notts County are:
1) Niilo Emil - Finland
2) Joel Morgan - England
3) Juan Pabo - Scotland

Scotland, England and R.Ireland are their first destinations for 3 Months.
This is Episode #1 the Beginning. Starting with Pre-Season in Turkey. :smiley:


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    Episode #2 is finishing Pre-Season off, then starting the EFL L2 Campaign. We don't get everything our own way though. The Cup Competitions also begin! https://youtu.be/CVMOwgk4lRY

    If you're a supporter of the Youth Academy Series or Youth Squad Legends then I would definitely encourage you to check it out. I'm looking for supporters of Notts County and the Academy Idea to get involved.
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    Welcome and good luck with your story!
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    subpop wrote: »
    Welcome and good luck with your story!

    thank you so much subpop. I recently finished Ep 4 + 5, we're well into the season now!
    Arlad has been busy sending the scouts all up and down the country and surrounding countries of N.Ireland, Scotland and Rep of Ireland.

    In Episode 3 https://youtu.be/yzNSdheXM70
    Arlad finishes August and begins September as well as looking at our first Academy Prospects.
    17yr Old Scottish Central Defender Riley Clark
    16yr Old Irish Winger Casey Ennis

    In Episode 4 we take on Mansfield Town in a top of the table clash https://youtu.be/0-1kQ2QU4N8
    More prospects join the Academy!
    16yr Old English Defender Ewan Collins
    16yr Old English Midfielder Max Ward
    17yr old Irish Winger Barry MacMahon

    each Prospect has a short bio and background story of where they played football before and how we come to sign them, so it's well worth catching up with the Episodes now in the Series which you can watch from the beginning here: https://youtu.be/OBAB1bX7pUM

    this has been a wonderful CM so far, if any of you are considering doing something like this I would strongly encourage it, it's so much more rewarding finding your own guys! The next step is to complete the final 11 in the Academy and secure player contracts for the up and coming League 1 season, once the players graduate from the Academy we can then start to sell off those they will replace in the new season.

    thanks to everyone for the support and encouragement so far!
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