One final World Cup DLC rant

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World Cup is over (Allez Les Bleus!) and I just want to say one last time how disappointed I am in EA for this poor sloppy DLC for what turned out one of the best World Cups ever (definately the best in my lifetime dating back to 1982).

I honestly cannot think of a single thing that EA got right in the DLC. Aside the fact that it was bare bones (no qualifiers, no "Captain your Country" mode, no "Scenarios" mode, only handful of teams aside from the ones that qualified), the actual DLC itself was completely botched.

- Wrong rosters
- Incorrect number of subs
- Wrong kits (Croatia home kit did not even have the numbers on the front)
- Wrong sleeve patches
- No knockout stage ball
- Commentary was worse than what FOX gave us (and it was pretty awful). We basically got FIFA 18 commentary with sprinkles of World Cup related phrases.
- No group stage for NON FUT Online World Cup mode. Other than offline World Cup this is the mode I played the most. Going through knockout stage only is beyond unsatisfying
- We got all the stadiums but some of them were wrong (Fischt Stadium, Nizni Novgorod).
- When you are playing in Online WC mode most of the time you end up playing in the same stadium all the way till you reach the Final. And most of the Finals I played were during daytime.
- Broadcast graphics were underwhelming and and so were pre and post game cutaway scenes.

In EA's case "best things in life are not free".

Shame on the team behind this DLC. Waited four years to experience World Cup on PS4 since I dont care for FUT and all we got was a ❤️❤️❤️❤️ sandwich.


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