Stamina bar

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What is the point in it?

As long as your player has 99 fitness to start the game your player can sprint for 90 minutes and there's no difference. Except maybe if the player has something like 20 stamina. So realistic.


  • askperts
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    You don't think they slow down when tired near the end of the match??
  • SStubbs88
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    I haven't noticed my players slowing down. And I certainly haven't noticed opposition players slowing down they still run around like roadrunner.
  • Clancy
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    stamina makes a big difference.

    Bale plays RM for me and is always knackered by the 70', and gets much slower. he has relatively low stamina

    but when I use FoF Mbappe he can run all match, never have to sub him out.
  • Walsgrove_V2
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    How can you not notice the stamina drain :D

    Play Di Maria at CAM and he will be dead after 60 mins!
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