tactical formations

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I hereby inform that EA remains mistaken in some tactical moves, which, even with the possibility of using personal tactics and instructions, does not allow to offer a greater reality to the game, for example, in online scheme 343, where you can not make ball reversals without loss of it, because the socks go up a lot, which is normal, but this leaves them boxed with the opposing and lateral socks. The solution would be for the defenders, at least those on the side, to be more open, giving options of ball inversions, something that I can manually put them to turn latereias inside the same area, because they open more and allow the inversions and with pass options for the socks to the front and the pointers, still further ahead. It is necessary to have more game by the sides, so that they do not stay playing only centralizing, therefore it is necessary to pry the sides more, to open more the defenders, at the moment of creation of plays, with possession of ball. The opening that I make in my defense does not allow me to be vulnerable, quite the contrary, I have possession, landmark ahead, since the wings defenders push my team forward and more easily win matches against the machine in the legendary or ultimate. Thank you in advance, peace and well.


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