FIFA 19 New features

Fut New Game Mode

1. Squad challenge : You need to send a full squad to somewhere in the world for tournament. You can't play that matches by your own. Tournament will have a time limit. If your squad get champion on that tournament you will get reward such as coin or pack. In that time you can't use that squad or player in your fut matches. If you send better squad for the tournament you have maximum possibility to get the reward. This challenge will refresh after 24 hours. ;)

2. Daily free 1 gold pack : Everyday you log in to your fut account you will get a free untradable gold pack. :)

3. Player Hunt : This features will be awesome if they implement. After opening fut account on your device you will get a list. In that list there will be lots of high rated gold players from 94 rating to 86 rating. Then you will select only one player. After that there will be a simple objective that is playing matches. For higher rating player you need to play more matches than lower rating players. For example : 94 rated players need 200 matches to unlock him where 86 rated players need 30 matches. And all this player hunt card will be Untradable. After completing 1 objective player can choose another player hunt objective. This feature will be dream of every FIFA player of the world. <3

Friendly Coop Match :(

Practice arena with full squad
In FIFA 14 we have a training ground to play 11 vs 11 training match. Unfortunately this features is removed. We need this features to adjust with game play mechanics and tactics also. B)

Thank you for reading my post. We all want a better FIFA game. This feature can ensure our hopes I think.
See you on the Game.
Good bye.
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