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Is there anyone who think about on this topic? Think about a referee mode in FIFA. We control the our ref (like a player career). In the pitch, we work for being a good referee. In the beginning, our character starts with lower difficulties matches. Then if we referee nice, we will rise and we can referee international matches. We can be assigned in high respected tournuments (like World Cup, Champions League) with our FIFA licence. It is a mode that i have wanted for years.

What do you think about this mode? How would it be in the FIFA?


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  • Always wanted a referee mode in FIFA. When playing locally with two others in the same room, the third person is always just watching the two others playing. Why shouldn't the non player be able to participate in the role of the referee?

    Having discussed this with friends the counter opinion would always be that the referee-player would be unfair. My answer is that the players should just tell the referee to judge fair and do the best they can. Simple as that. They can always decide to turn on the computer controlled referee again.

    It would always offer a perspective on how difficult the job of real life referees actually is, as I imagine the job of the referee-player would also be.

    Offside would off course still be up to the linesmen, but all other decisions like freekick, penalty, yellow and red cards would be up to the referee-player to decide and thereby making the game much more fun for a third player.

    What's your opinion on that ?
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