Tots Allan or fof marchisio

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To play alongside tots pjanic??


  • LovelyVillain
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    TOTS Allan. I used both and sold the Marchisio I packed for Allan. Allan gives my team better balance because of his MH rate.
  • Markman007
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    SRB83 wrote: »
    To play alongside tots pjanic??

    Is one going to be a more defensive CM? If yes, then Allan. Otherwise Marchisio, as he is more well rounded and a better attacker than Allan.
  • lnter1908
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    Haven't used Allan but Marchisio is very good and he can score some killing long shots
    from what i've faced Allan is faster and more agaile.
    with Pjanic i'd recommend Allan coz he can do the dirty job for you, but you will have problem with their height..
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