PC Asia proclub’s server should be re-united.

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Hi, my name is John Kim, a player from South Korea who continuously concerned about the future of proclub feature in PC platform.

Back in time when FIFA 18 has been released, asian teams were freely able to hold a match against each other without an invisible wall(regional problem).

I can’t really reference which patch ended up splitting Korea and japan from other asian regions like Thailand, Taiwan, China, Indonesia, Vietnam etc. In FIFA 17 we could, so I am suggesting asia proclub server’s unification in PC platform. (These are my personal hypothesis throughout the game)

Korean proclub players has a community called FPK, we have over 100 players who are struggling with the matching system because we are facing each other as an opponent over and over. These problems led many players to leave and settle down to other platforms like PS4. Including myself, and other has to consider between staying or leaving.

Please let me know anything about match making from other regional players and problems you are facing is similar to mine or not.

Thank you very much.


  • HI GRA_Johnny
    I am the administrator of FIFA PROCLUB China www.fifapro.cn.
    Welcome to join us.
    There are still about 200 players in China on the PC side.
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